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LPG Forklifts

With fewer emissions than a diesel engine, our LPG forklifts are a more suitable fit to be used indoors. Additionally, our range includes lifting capacities from 1.5 ton forklifts up to 7 ton forklifts. These forklifts are easy to refuel as they only require a simple bottle change. Nationwide delivery available. If you are in need of a certain specification for one of our forklifts, use our Build a Forklift page to find one suited to your specifications. Our forklifts are available for sale Australia wide and in all capital cities. 

Features of LPG Forklifts

Easy to refuel

LPG forklifts simply require a gas bottle to run.

Gas bottles are readily found at service stations making them easy to be bought and replaced.

While owners still have to be careful storing them, LPG bottles are easier to store than diesel fuel.

This gives them an advantage over diesel forklifts when it comes to storing and refueling the forklift.

Lower emissions

While the LPG forklifts are not emission free like our Electric offerings, they do offer a significant reduction compared to their Diesel counterpart.

Furthermore, if they are to be operated in a Warehouse environment, ventilation will still be required but the reduced emissions will mean less fumes are produced. 

Why choose LPG?

As stated above, these forklifts have lower emissions and are easier to refuel then Diesel Forklifts.

Generally, these forklifts are the standard for many businesses when needing to undertake warehouse work. 

Still stuck? Use our Build a Forklift to choose your own specifications.