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Walkie Reach Pallet Stackers

The Xtreme Walkie Reach Pallet Stacker has two options for lifting capacities, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. Fitted with lithium ion batteries, these pallet stackers have zero emissions and are great for warehouse use. Additionally, the reach function on these stackers allow for easy access to stock. Regular stackers may not be able to reach far enough into shelves which is where the reach function shows its value. The lithium ion batteries in these pallet stackers makes them easy to charge and free of maintenance in regard to the battery.

Features of Walkie Reach Pallet Stackers

No forklift licence required

Our pallet stackers work similar to a forklift yet no licence is required to use them. This means that anyone in the warehouse is qualified to use these pallet stackers. 

Easy to operate

In addition to not requiring a licence, these pallet stackers are also simple to operate. This makes them even more accessible for all warehouse workers. 

Zero emissions

Due to these pallet stackers being fitted with lithium electric batteries, they do not have any emissions. This makes them perfect for warehouse use as they do not require any ventilation. 

Reaching capabilities

As the name suggests, these pallet stackers are capable of reaching out while being operated. This makes accessing pallets even easier if working with deep shelving systems.