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Pallet Stackers

Our pallet stackers are available in two options depending on the job you need to complete. The Straddle Pallet Stackers are capable of lifting up to reach pallets and lowering to bring them back down to a workable height. Our Walkie Reach Pallet Stackers are also capable of this function with the addition of being able to reach forward and collect pallets from deeper shelves. Each come with various options for lifting capacities depending on the job you need to complete. 

Features of Pallet Stackers

No forklift licence required

While they work similar to a forklift, no licence is required to operate these stackers. This means that anyone in the warehouse is qualified to use them if safe to do so. 

Easy to use

In addition to not requiring a licence, these stackers are also simple to operate. A single lever is used to raise and lower the forks with a simple button used to extend the forks on the reach stacker. This makes them even more accessible for all warehouse workers

Zero emissions

Due to these stackers being fitted with lithium electric batteries, they do not have any emissions. This makes them perfect for warehouse use as they do not require any ventilation. 

Reaching capabilities

As the name suggests, our walkie reach stackers are capable of reaching out while being operated. This makes accessing pallets even easier, especially when working with deep shelving systems.