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What are the Benefits of Articulated Forklifts?

Articulated Forklifts are slimmer than the traditional forklifts in size. They are designed solely for warehouses and can lift up to 3 ton to suit the needs of a warehouse. The forklift is essentially made of two parts. The body of the forklift is where both the battery and user sit, where as the front section contains the tynes. The benefit of this forklift is that the front section of the forklift can move separately to the body, allowing for more maneuverability. These forklifts are perfect for warehouses that may need to have narrow areas for a forklift to navigate in warehouse.

2t Articulated Forklift


These forklifts are capable of going between aisles as narrow as 1.9m. For warehouses that are full of shelving, these forklifts will make navigating down the aisles easy. What this means for warehouse is that their shelving can be stacked closer together, allowing for an increase in the floor space available and therefore increasing storage capacity.

Lift Height

Capable of lifting up to 10m, these forklifts will work great for customers who have high reaching shelves. With the various lifting capacities available as well, most products can be easily lifted and relocated with these forklifts. Through the use of an electro hydraulic proportional valve, the speed at which the forklift is lifted can also be controlled, making the forklift more user friendly.


Options are available for both lead acid and lithium batteries as a power source for the forklifts. Lithium batteries are the preferred option for most customers as they have ZERO emissions, ZERO fuel costs and their batteries require ZERO maintenance. They also are better for both the environment and stock as they do not produce any emissions that could potentially harm product or the environment.

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