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2.5 ton Rough Terrain Forklifts

Our 2.5T Rough Terrain Forklifts work well on tough to navigate surfaces. Diesel fueled, these forklifts are great for outdoor work, especially for surfaces such as mud or dirt. Each forklift comes with standard features but if you need a custom specification, use our Build a Forklift page to find the best option for you. While they will work great on outdoor surfaces, our other Diesel, LPG and Lithium Electric forklifts are better suited for indoor work. 

Features of Rough Terrain Forklifts

Drive options

Each of our rough terrain forklift offerings come with 2WD or 4WD options.

2WD is the standard option for most of these forklifts but 4WD is recommended and often selected for customers driving forklifts through soft areas.

Users that work in vineyards or olive growing yards are known to select the 4WD option due to the mud and loamy sand they will need to navigate through. 


Built with Yanmar diesel engines, our rough terrain forklifts boast a recognisable and trustworthy brand name under the bonnet.

Lower emissions and a quieter engine hum are two other bonuses to these rough terrain forklifts being built with Japanese Yanmar diesel engines.

Should anything go wrong with the engine, parts are easy to source as they are available to buy right here in Australia. 


Side shift and hydraulic fork positioning are both possible attachments with our rough terrain forklifts, making them both powerful and versatile.

Why choose Rough Terrain?

As the name suggests, the rough terrain forklift is built for exactly that.

The body of the forklift is higher off the ground than the traditional forklift.

This makes it a viable choice for buyers that may need to drive over uneven surfaces

The wheels are also more sturdy than traditional forklifts to ensure they can handle the tough terrains. 

Still stuck? Use our Build a Forklift to choose your own specifications.