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What are the benefits of Side Loader Forklifts?

Multi Direction forklifts, also known as side loader forklifts, are a recent addition to the Xtreme Forklifts range. Side Loader forklifts are built to suit large warehouses that handle long materials such as sheets of metal, piping, logs and similar products. Below we examine the advantages of these forklifts and how they will be able to help your business.

Direction of Travel

These forklifts are versatile in the ways in which they can move across the warehouse floor. Whether they are driving straight, diagonal or to the side, these forklifts are perfectly suited to move in any direction through the warehouse. Additionally, not only are they able to move in various directions but they are also capable of right angle turning and 360-degree rotation. This will make navigating through narrow shelving easy with the capabilities of this forklift. Shelving will be able to be placed closer in the warehouse as no extra room will be required for the forklift to turn.


Side loader forklift shelving

Originally, depending on which forklift was being used, customers in warehouses would be limited to the height of the shelving they could utilize as a restriction of the forklift’s lift height. The density of the shelving was also limited to the space required by the forklift to turn. Both issues are addressed with these new forklifts. These multi direction forklifts can lift up to 8m in height, ensuring that customers can go higher with their shelving. Depending on the model as well, these side loader forklifts can lift up to 4000kg, complementing their lift height well. With their side moving capability, warehouse shelving can be stacked closer as extra room is not required for the forklift to turn. This will allow customers to increase their storage capacity both horizontally and vertically in a warehouse.

These multi direction forklifts are perfect for warehouses that store long materials and are looking to increase their storage capacity. Interested in learning more? View the PDF down below to learn more about the specifications of the product.

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