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Stand on Reach Trucks

Xtreme’s Stand on Reach Trucks have capacities ranging from 1.4 ton to 2 ton. Capable of lifting up to 10m, these new Reach Trucks will be able to make warehouse work easier for you and your workers. These reach trucks are perfectly designed for those that may need to only operate a Reach Truck for small amounts of time. 

Each come with a nation wide 5 year warranty for both the battery and the reach truck. With zero emissions, 3 hour full charge time and standard camera systems, these reach trucks are a great purchase for any warehouse. 

Features of Stand on Reach Trucks

Stand on capability

Built for those who only use a reach truck for small amounts of the day. The stand on capability allows for users to enter and exit the reach truck with ease. Users can simply climb in and climb out once they have completed the job without any seat interference. 

Opportunity charging

For customers operating multiple shifts you do not need to have spare shift batteries or change batteries during shifts. Opportunity charge enabled reach trucks allow you to charge for shorter periods  (during meal breaks for example). This provides continuous charge in the battery enabling greater efficiencies in your warehouse operation.

Maintenance free batteries

The lithium ion batteries fitted into these reach trucks do not require any maintenance. This will save you both time and money as you will not have to pay for maintenance costs. Additionally, you will not lose time using the reach truck as the battery is maintained.