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Benefits of Order Pickers

Order pickers are designed for warehouses where stock may not be heavy enough to require the use of a forklift. Boxes of small goods and other similar items are suitable to be carried by this type of equipment. Two options are available to suit the needs of the operator: stand on and walk behind. Depending on how high the user may need to lift will determine which option is best suited for them. Below we discuss some other benefits of this type of equipment. 

Low & Medium Order Pickers

Lifting Capacity

Each order picker option comes with different lifting capacities. For the low and medium level order pickers, they can carry 136kg on the standing platform, 110kg on the extra load deck and 90kg on the load deck. The high-level option can carry 136kg on the standing platform, 137kg on the extra load deck and 227kg on the load deck.

Li-ION Battery

Each are fitted with a lithium-ion battery, which means no watering systems required and can be top up charged. As the name suggests, top up charging allows you to charge these batteries on the go. If they run out of charge during the day, they can simply be charged for a small duration and have enough charge to start again.

High Level order picker


Due to their smaller size, order pickers are also easier to move about aisles and warehouses in. The low/medium level order pickers also typically have enough space to do a full 360 degree turn, depending on the space between racking.