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What are the benefits of LPG Forklifts?

LPG Forklifts have been tried and tested for many years. They are often the first choice of our customers when enquiring about a forklift. Here we break down the benefits that place them ahead of the other fuel options in forklifts. 

Easy to Refuel

LPG forklifts have been the dominant forklift used by industry for the last three decades -simply require a gas cylinder to run. Gas cylinders are readily available for the LPG suppliers Australia wide. While owners still have to be careful storing LPG cylinders, LPG bottles are easier to store than diesel fuel. This gives them an advantage over diesel forklifts when it comes to storing and refueling the forklift.

Lower Emissions

While the LPG forklifts are not emission free like our Lithium Electric offerings, they do offer a significant reduction compared to their Diesel counterpart. Furthermore, if they are to be operated in a Warehouse environment, ventilation will still be required but the reduced emissions will mean less fumes are produced.

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