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Diesel Forklifts

Powerful and reliable, our Diesel forklifts come in a range of lifting capacities to suit your jobs needs. Suitable for both warehouse and farm work, options are available for these forklifts to be powered by powerful Yanmar engines or a budget friendly engine. Our Rough Terrain Forklifts are one of the more popular offerings coupled with our 2.5 ton and 3 ton standard forklift options. If it is indoor warehouse work you need your forklift for, ventilation is required but if you do not have this as an option for your warehouse, then look at our LPG and Lithium Electric forklift options to find a more suitable option to your needs. 

Features of Diesel Forklifts


Built with Yanmar diesel engines, these forklifts boast a recognisable and trustworthy brand name under the bonnet.

Lower emissions and a quieter engine hum are two other bonuses to these forklifts being built with Japanese Yanmar diesel engines.

Should anything go wrong with the engine, parts are easy to source as they are available to buy right here in Australia. 


These forklifts also come fitted with side shift attachments and options of solid or pneumatic tyres.

Side shift is incorporated as it our most popular attachment and helps to make loading and unloading pallets and equipment easier. 

Why Diesel?

The diesel forklift is the most powerful offering for forklifts out there. If it is power you are after in your forklifts, then the these forklifts are the way to go.

These forklifts are powerful due to their internal combustion engine which means that ventilation is required for areas where they are in use. 

Still stuck? Use our Build a Forklift to choose your own specifications.