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What Are The Benefits Of Our Diesel Forklifts?


Built with Yanmar diesel engines, these forklifts boast a recognisable and trustworthy brand name under the bonnet. Lower emissions and a quieter engine hum are two other bonuses to these forklifts being built with Japanese Yanmar diesel engines.


These forklifts come fitted with side shift attachments and options of solid or pneumatic tyres. Side shift is incorporated as it our most popular attachment and helps to make loading and unloading pallets and equipment easier.

Drive options (Rough Terrain Forklifts)

Options are available for both 2WD and 4WD capabilities. 2WD is the standard option for most of these forklifts but 4WD is recommended and often selected for customers driving forklifts through soft areas. Users that work in vineyards or olive growing yards often select the 4WD option due to the mud and loamy sand they will need to navigate through.

Wide range

Diesels have the widest range of lifting capacities on our site, ranging from 2 ton up to 16 ton. They make it easy to select the right lifting capacity to suit your jobs needs.

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