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Pallet Movers

Needing to move stock around the warehouse or in a truck? Your new Xtreme Pallet Mover will be perfect for the job. Designed to work within small spaces, our pallet movers are powered by lithium ion batteries allowing them to be charged as needed. With various lifting capacities available, you will have a wide selection of pallet movers to choose from. If you are in need of other warehouse equipment, visit our Warehouse page for more. 

Features of Pallet Movers

Easy to use

These movers are user friendly and do not require a license to be used. When lifting and lowering stock, users simply use a lever for raising and lowering. To move, users simply push or pull another lever. This piece of equipment is designed to be simple use and by utilising levers, they successfully achieve this. 

Tight space maneuverability

90 Degree rotation makes these movers perfect for small spaces and tight angles.  The forks measure at around 2m which makes them compact for use in tight spaces, especially trucks and warehouse aisles.