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Benefits of Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are often the choice of customers who require a vehicle to undergo material handling, but they do not have enough space in their warehouse for a forklift. Reach trucks are smaller in width typically but enable greater lift heights. They come in two different options: stand on and ride on. Our new reach trucks additionally come fitted with lithium-ion batteries which in themselves carry a wide range of features. In this article, we will analyse the benefits of these equipment.


As mentioned previously, reach trucks come in two variations: stand on and ride on. Stand on reach trucks are perfect for customers who may need to be on and off the reach truck all day and are aiming to be efficient. For customers who are operating the reach truck all day, then the seated option is a better fit for them as they can relax their legs as they perform their lifting duties.

Zero Emissions

Zero emissions make these trucks great for warehouse use. They do not need to be used in areas with ventilation as they do not produce any dangerous fumes. Zero emissions means that they are perfectly suited for any location. They are also better for both the environment and employee health as a result of this.

Opportunity Charging

For customers operating multiple shifts you do not need to have spare shift batteries or change batteries during shifts. With opportunity charge enabled, you can charge for shorter periods (during meal breaks for example). This provides a continuous charge in the battery, enabling greater efficiencies in your warehouse operation.

Maintenance Free Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries fitted into these trucks do not require any maintenance. This will save you both time and money as you will not have to pay for maintenance costs. Additionally, you will not lose time due to the battery having to be maintained.