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Benefits of a Pallet Stacker

Pallet stackers, otherwise known as walkie stackers, are an easy-to-use warehouse solution. For businesses that need to move lighter stock around, these pieces of equipment are perfect as they are more compact than a forklift and do not require a licence to be driven. In this article we examine the benefits of pallet stackers and how they can help your business.

No Forklift Licence Required

While they work similar to a forklift, no licence is required to operate an electric pallet stacker. This means that anyone in the warehouse is qualified to use them if safe to do so. Replacing the manual pallet stacker, these new variations are electrically powered, allowing them to be moved easily. This makes them easy to use and reduces risk of injury when using them.

Xtreme Straddle Stacker
700kg Compact Stacker

Easy to Use

In addition to not requiring a licence, these stackers are also simple to operate. A single lever is used to raise and lower the forks with a simple button used to extend the forks on a reach stacker. A simple switch is also used to move the pallet stacker forward and back, which makes it very simple for any one to operate. Even if an employee has never used a walkie stacker before, they can be simply informed on how to do it with very simple instructions.

Lithium Batteries

Most of our walkie stackers now come with lithium-ion phosphate batteries. These batteries mean that each pallet stacker now produces zero emissions, require zero battery maintenance, and do not have any watering systems. This makes them perfect for warehouse use as they do not require any ventilation and will help to minimize any servicing work required on the stacker.

Reach and Straddle Stacker


When it comes to a walkie stacker, there are two options available, the first is a straddle pallet stacker. These stackers allow for a simple up and down motion when lifting stock and come fitted with wider set tynes to help stabilize the product. The second option are reach walkie stackers.  As the name suggests, these stackers can reach out while being operated. This makes accessing pallets even easier, especially when working with deep shelving systems.

These forklift walkie stackers are perfect for any business that utilises a warehouse to aid in the storage of their products. They are easy to use, provide options to suit a business’ needs and do not require a forklift licence to be operated. At Forklifts Direct, we offer three straddle stacker options, two walkie reach options and two compact stacker options. Each are affordably priced to help suit your business. We also have used stackers available which you can see here. Contact us today to learn more.