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Warehouse Equipment

Xtreme Forklifts has a wide arrange of warehouse equipment available to help you in the warehouse. Each of our offerings come with different capacities to help you find the right fit for you. Whether your warehouse has narrow aisles or wide aisles, our warehouse equipment has various options to suit your needs. If you are unable to find what you are after, we can get it in stock for you. 

More Information

Articulated Forklifts

Our Articulated Forklifts come in four different capacities and are great for working within small aisles. These forklifts can work within aisles as narrow as 1.9m and can reach up to heights of 10m. Fitted with lithium electric batteries means that these forklifts are also perfect for warehouses with their zero emissions.

Reach Trucks

Whether you are on and off a Reach Truck all day or only need it a few times a day, we have both Ride on and Stand on options available. Each seating option comes with the choice of lifting capacities ranging from 1200kg to 2000kg. Capable of lifting up to 10m as well, these reach trucks are built to suit any business. 

Order Pickers

Our Order Pickers come in two height options that boast different lifting capacities depending on your needs. The Low & Medium Level Order Pickers can carry up to 90kg on the load deck, while the High Level Order Pickers can carry up to 227kg.

Pallet Movers

Easy to maneuver in tight spaces and simple to use, our Pallet Movers are also fitted with the latest lithium ion batteries to make them easier to recharge.

Pallet Stackers

Dealing with deep shelving is no problem for our Walkie Reach Pallet Stackers. Our Pallet Stackers come in two options with one being the Walkie Reach Pallet Stacker and the other the Straddle Pallet Stacker. Both are simple to use and do not require a forklift licence to be operated.