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What are the Benefits of Lithium Electric Forklifts?

Lithium electric forklifts are set to take over the forklift industry. While newer to the market in comparison to their counterparts, these forklifts have already started showing why they deserve to be chosen. Here we break down the main benefits of using Lithium Electric Forklifts. 


Zero emissions

These forklifts do not have any emissions while running, meaning they are perfect for warehouses or other enclosed areas. Both diesel and LPG forklifts emit fumes that require proper ventilation in a warehouse setting. If not, then they can be hazardous to both employee health and the quality of products stored in the area. For customers in the food industry, this can be particularly problematic as those fumes can taint food products and cause them to be potentially hazardous for consumption.


Top up charge enabled

One of the many criticisms of the lead acid battery forklifts, were that they often run flat during the day, resulting in workers being without a forklift for the remainder of their shift. This is no longer an issue with lithium electric batteries as they allow users to top up the battery as the day goes on. If the forklift was not charged overnight, then workers can simply plug it in during a break and provide charge to the forklift in as little as 30 minutes. This function therefore reduces any risk that the forklift will be out of commission during the day.


3-hour full charge time

In addition to needing as little as 30 minutes to run, these lithium electric forklifts only need a total of 3 hours to be fully charged. A 3-hour charge time makes these forklifts extremely efficient when it comes to charging.



As a result of these forklifts being battery powered as opposed to engine powered, they make very little noise which can be extremely beneficial to warehouses that are often loud. While they still have some noise with the reverse beepers, their battery keeps them quiet in regard to engine hum.

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